How to extract password-protected RAR files without a password?

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Want to extract a password-protected RAR file without a password? The best techniques for handling this task is in this article. Here we will show the best methods to extract password-protected RAR files without passwords.

A RAR file is a file kind that users use to compress large-sized files or folders. A single Rar can contain single or multiple files and folders in it. Users can simply save different large-sized files in this archive file and easily shrink the size of files. To assure data of RAR files from unknown persons, users can also add encryption to their RAR files. 

But in some cases, users become unable to access or extract their own RAR files because of forgotten password issues. As an outcome of this, users need to retrieve their RAR file password.

Best way to extract password-protected RAR files without a password

Effortlessly, extract password-protected RAR files without a password through eSoftTools RAR Password Recovery Software. This tool can quickly recover RAR passwords with extra high-level progressive recovery methods like Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. Before buying, users can also try Free demo versions of this tool by which all users can recover the first three characters of their lost password for free.

Features of RAR Password Recovery Software

  • Anyone can smoothly operate RAR Password Recovery Tool with ease because of its simple Graphical user interface.
  • This tool can help users to unlock RAR files on all editions of Windows Operating System up to 11. 
  • This tool provides their clients with 24/7 technical support.
  • This tool can unlock multiple passwords using three smart strategies like Mask Attack, Brute Force Attack, and Dictionary attack. 
  • This software is 100% safe for the system and performs recovery with no errors.
  • Unlocks RAR file passwords of different character combinations like alphabetical, numerical, symbolic, multi-language, lengthy passwords, etc. 

Free Demo 

It also provides a free demo pack of this software for users. It’s available for everyone and allows to recovery starting three letters of a RAR file password without paying any amount. 


Users protect RAR files with passwords, but they frequently lose their passwords. Users become unable to access their RAR files at that point. It is all about, “How to extract password-protected RAR files without a password?”. To those users, who are facing this situation, we have written this blog post to help them. By using the above-mentioned technique, easily regain access to their crucial data and extract RAR sheets without passwords. To get quick knowledge about the working process and function of the RAR password recovery software, get its free demo edition now.

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