How to Take Mail Backup from Horde Webmail to Local Drive?

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Are you one of those users who are seeking a solution for the query “How to Take Mail Backup from Horde Webmail to Local Drive?”. But after some research, you did not get anything. So, here I have a better solution for you. Follow the steps mentioned below and get the best result for the Horde webmail email backup process. 

The Horde webmail is a better and more free solution for emailing. The Horde WebMail has been used by thousands of users. It is hosting webmail which is provided by the hosting providers. 

In some cases, users want to download their data from a Horde WebMail account. But while doing this job they face different issues because of improper knowledge. 

The reason why users need a backup of Horde WebMail

Avoid Virus Infection:- Most of the users save their Horde WebMail emails to a local disk because they prevent their data from being infected by virus attacks.

Hacker Attack:- There are also chances of hacker attacks. From a webmail account, hackers can disturb the data of the user’s email profile. 

Direct Solution to backup Horde WebMail to Local Drive

The best solution to export or save Horde webmail emails to a local drive eSoftTools WebMail backup Software. It will save you time and provide instant results for the Horde webmail email backup process. 

Without any hassle, this smart software will back up Horde webmail into numerous file types. This is one of the finest backup tools that can save you time and money too. 

Some Best features of WebMail Backup Software

  1. Saves users Horde webmail account emails into 9+ file formats without any hassle. 
  2. Take backup Horde webmail emails with their all likened information without chaining its inner data. 
  3. Export/Save emails from specific mail folders of the Horde account.
  4. For preserving resultant files, choose a saving location from your local drive manually.
  5. Get Mail Filter by date, naming convention, and several more smart options.

Working on this software

  1. Download and install Webmail Backup software on a Windows PC.
  2. Launch the Webmail Backup tool and enter your webmail account details.
  1. Login with a Webmail account and load all mail folders.
  1. Select the required folder from the folders list of the webmail account.
  2. Choose needed folders and select an export option from file options- PST, EML, EMLX, ThunderBird, etc.
  1. Select your desired location for saving the resultant files.
  1. After this select the Mail filter by date and naming convention option.
  2. Press the Save Backup button and begin the Webmail backup process.


After reading this blog, I have now got knowledge for taking backup of Horde Webmail account data. Solve your queries like- How to Take Mail Backup from Horde Webmail to Local Drive?” easily by applying the method shown above. Also, try eSoftTools WebMail Backup Software with its demo edition to test it for free.

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