How to take Backup of GoDaddy webmail?

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Are you looking for a faithful tool that can take Backup of GoDaddy webmail after backup? You wanted to save GoDaddy emails to the local Hard Disk so you have to check this blog for the best solution. Here I explain How to take a Backup of GoDaddy webmail, to continue to read this blog.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a professional platform that provides web hosting domain registration to users and it also creates websites. GoDaddy provides domain hosting to start their online business and it also provides virtual private servers to the users.

What are GoDaddy emails?

GoDaddy provides a domain-related specific professional email that is used to attract customers and also for the marketing of its own store if the user has any online business store. 

What is WebMail?

WebMail is an email server that is based on the web, users can access their emails on such email clients as GMX Mail, Yahoo Mail, and many more.

POP3 and IMAP Account 

POP3 allows users to download emails from a server to a windows machine, limiting access to those emails to that computer. IMAP stores emails on a server once synchronizing them throughout multiple devices. IMAP is a more advanced version of POP3 that allows you to access your email from any location and on any device.

Reason Behind Taking Backup of GoDaddy Webmail

  1. GoDaddy stores emails on the web and users did not know the original source where GoDaddy stores web emails.
  2. Users wanted to save or take the backup of webmails on the hard disk because they wanted to be secure, if the webmail got crashed or hacked users lost their client’s emails.

Manual Solution to take Backup of GoDaddy webmail

  1. Users have to log in to their GoDaddy Email Account.
  2. Open the email that you want to download.
  3. To proceed, tap its Three Dot (More Actions) icon.
  4. Then, from the drop-down menu, select Download.
  5. GoDaddy emails will indeed be downloaded to the internal hard drive.

How to Take a Backup of GoDaddy webmail? Pro Method 

Note:- I suggest every user get the best solution to Take a Backup of GoDaddy webmail, try eSoftTools IMAP Account Backup software because this is the best Webmail converter software, which can take a Backup of GoDaddy webmail. It offers a free trial version to those users who want to experience the software and know the working of this software. 

Best Features of eSoftTools IMAP Backup & Migration Software

eSoftTools IMAP Backup Software, this software comes with multiple features. 

  1. Download and get backup IMAP emails to different formats.
  2. Backup IMAP MailBox to PST files.
  3. Save emails to separate files.
  4. Export IMAP Emails to MBOX
  5. Support all versions of Windows OS.

Working on this software

  1. Download and install this IMAP Backup & Migration Software from eSoftTools .com
  2. After downloading, launch the eSoftTools IMAP Backup & Migration software.
  3. After this select your web Mail application from the given option.
  4. Choose your WebMail and enter the account details.
  5. After account details log in to the accountant and select the files which you want to export.

Note:- The Automated Method is reliable and perfect to use, on the other hand, the Manual method to take Backup of GoDaddy webmail is too risky most of the time users lose their data and it might be confusing for non-technical users. 

Technical Support 

Users can get any help from us through emails and chat. We are available 24×7.


I hope you will understand “How to Take Backup of GoDaddy webmail?” Then you have to select the best solution which is eSoftTools IMAP Backup Software for getting the excellent solution at once attempt.

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