How to recover password-protected ZIP file?

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If you have any question about “How to recover password-protected ZIP file?” Here is solution to your problem, Install the greatest tool called eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Software. Read this article continuously and get the solution by reading this blog.

ZIP files help all users in sharing data fast and safely as well as help to free up some areas from their provincial drive. 

But the forgotten zip password is also a common issue and considerable users face this trouble. At that time, users become incapable to access data from their Zip files. 

Smartest solution to recover password-protected ZIP file

A 100% safe and secure application to smoothly recover assword-protected ZIp file is called eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Software. It can save the recovered password to the clipboard. It recover any kinds of complicated password combination such as Alphabetic, Numeric, and Symbolic characters, etc. With the help of three most powerful and advanced strategies, you can easily and quickly recover the password:-


Advanced features of eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Software

  • The most useful and perfect method to recover password-protected ZIP file is trough the eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Software. 
  • This software easily recovers different kinds of ZIP passwords like symbolic, numeric, alphabetic, multi-language, lengthy passwords, etc.  
  • This software comes with an easy GUI interface and both technical and non-technical can easily operate this software. 
  • It provides 24/7/365 technical support and also gives users a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • This software easily opens any type of password like complex, multi-language or lengthy passwords. 
  • It can simply copy the recovered password to the clipboard, and save it for the next time use only. This tool is 100% safe and risk-free for the system. 
  • It easily recover the ZIP file passwords with three effective methods of this tool like:- 
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Mask Attack
  •  Dictionary Attack
  • For user understanding, It offers a free demo pack of this tool which unlocks the three first characters of a ZIP file. 

Free Trial Service 

If you want to unlock the free password of a ZIP file, try a free demo version of this tool in which the user gets the initial first three characters of password of the ZIP file. It can solve the various types of passwords immediately without wasting time. It can support all editions of ZIP file and Windows OS up to 10.

Working Process 

Step 1:- Install and open eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Software then click on “browse” button for selecting ZIP file

Step 2:- Then select one of these three attacks according to the password in the ZIP file:-

  • Brute Force Attack
  • Mask Attack
  • Dictionary Attack

Step 3:- Then click on “Next” button to start the process of recovery.

Step 4:- After recovery of password, save your password to the clipboard for future use.


In this article, we have gives solution to your query “How to recover password-protected ZIP file”? We have suggested everyone the greatest and most suitable tool called eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Software. This tool permits you to recover password-protected of ZIP files immediately and without data failure.

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