How to import MBOX to Gmail in bulk?

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Are you having trouble import MBOX to Gmail in bulk? In this blog, we will go over the complete step-by-step process to import bulk MBOX files quickly and reliably. The solution that we will discuss here supports all types of MBOX and their associated files. Continue reading the post.

MBOX is a well-known email storage format that has been in use for over a decade. However, people first came to know about it when they started using Thunderbird. MBOX, also known as mailbox, is a file that contains a collection of emails. A large number of email client applications support this file.

On the other hand, Gmail is a web platform that allows you to send and receive emails easily without any restrictions. It is now one of the most adaptable platforms. Almost every internet user has a Gmail account. You can easily manage email, notes, calendars, contacts, events, documents, journals, and more from your Gmail account.

Why users need to import MBOX to Gmail?

  • MBOX-compatible email clients and Gmail are both free and excellent data management tools. When it comes to productivity and features, Gmail comes out on top.
  • Gmail is a cloud-based email service, and you can access your Gmail account from anywhere and anytime.
  • Smart Filters help you quickly locate email messages and attachment files.
  • Gmail supports IMAP and POP protocols, allowing users to add accounts to other email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, and others.
  • It provides an instant messaging option for users to send and receive email messages quickly.

Manual method to import MBOX to Gmail:-

To import the MBOX file to your Gmail account without using the Thunderbird application, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Gmail and sign in with the necessary information
  1. Select the Account and Import option from the Settings menu.
  1. Click the Import mail and contacts button here.
  1. Enter your Thunderbird email address in the first tab and click Continue.
  1. Enter the account password and press the Continue button.
  1. Select the Import option and then click the Start Import button to import the data.
  1. Finally, your MBOX file will begin to import into your Gmail account.

The method mentioned above can be used to import MBOX files to your Gmail account. However, there are some limitations with these methods, such as the time taken to process, the inability to filter out unwanted items, the inability to import multiple MBOX files at the same time, and others.

Automated method to import MBOX to Gmail in bulk:-

SysInspire MBOX Converter Software can help you import MBOX files directly to your Gmail account. A versatile utility to export MBOX files in bulk to Gmail account. The advanced mechanism of this utility also ensures a safe and secure migration process. The best software doesn’t change an email file during the migration process.

The graphical interface of the tool is intended to be simple enough that non-technical users can use it without assistance from technical users. So let’s look at the steps to import MBOX directly to Gmail account.

Simple solution: Import MBOX to Gmail in bulk

  1. Install and run SysIsnpire MBOX Converter Tool.
  1. There are two ways to load MBOX files in the software panel.
  1. Select Gmail from the list of saving options.
  1. To import data, enter your Gmail credentials.
  1. To start the conversion, click on the Convert button.

Here are the steps for using tried and true professional software that has already served thousands of users around the world.


In this blog, we discussed a proper and efficient method to import MBOX to Gmail in bulk. One of the most effective professional tools created by Sysinspire is mentioned here. There are many other utilities available on the internet, but we recommend that you stick with this one and get the job done. Furthermore, no additional technical knowledge is required to use this tool.

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