How to open a ZIP password-protected file? 

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Today we’re gaping to talk about the solution for the most asked question “How to open a ZIP password-protected file?” So read this blog, and get the solution by reading this article. 

ZIP Archive is a file type that used for archiving file or folders and compress them by its size. Multiple files users can save together into a single location with the zip files.

ZIP files assist users in transferring data quickly and securely as well as assist to free up some space from their local drive. 

With the zip users get an addition facility of password encryption. By adding passwords to Zip files users can secure their ZIP files from unknown persons. 

But the forgotten zip password is also common problem and multiple users faces this problem. At that time, users becomes unable to access data from their Zip files. 

As a result of this, users requires a solution which can help them to open password-protected zip file.

Best way to open Zip password-protected file

Users who searching the best tool to open Zip password-protected file can now do it with ease using the tool called eSoftTools Zip Password Recovery Software. It can easily recover password of any complex password varieties such as- Alphabetic, Numeric, and Symbolic characters, etc. It recover the Zip file password without affecting internal data of your original Zip file. 

Features of Zip Password Recovery Software 

  • Has user-friendly Graphical interface that helps users to operate the software with ease.
  • Unlocks any kind of 7z password like- symbolic, alphabetic, numeric, multi-language, lengthy passwords, and other multiple complicated passwords combination.
  • Supports to run on all Windows Operating Systems like Windows 8, 10, 11, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Provides three smart recovery techniques to recover lost Zip password like:- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.
  • Effortlessly recovers any complex password and recovers multi-language passwords. 
  • Provides free demo edition facility to all users to easily make recovery Zip file password’s first free character for free. 

Free Demo Service

Comes with a free demo edition facility that provides that assist users to recover starting 3 letters of Zip file password free of cost.

Working Process

Working procedure of eSoftTools Zip password recovery tool.

Step 1:- Download and open eSoftTools Zip password recovery software, then click on the “Browse file” button and select/ add locked Zip file.

Step 2:- Select any one of these password recovery attacks.

Brute Force Attack

Mask Attack

Dictionary Attack

Step 3:- Click on the “Recover” button and start the recovery process.

Step 4:- Input the recovered password to locked Zip files and easily unlock and access Zip files.


It is difficult to open a ZIP password-protected file but the process of password recovery makes the users able to unlock zip files. The best available option for performing zip file password recovery is eSoftTools Zip Password Recovery Software. All users can use it to complete this task opening encrypted zip files without experiencing any problems.

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