How to Remove Password from PDF HDFC Bank Statement?

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If you are one of the people who are searching for a solution to Remove Passwords from PDF HDFC Bank Statement, be with me. In this blog post, I will suggest you one of the smartest solutions for this particular job with ease. Let’s start

All over the world, every single bank provides e-statements in the form of PDF format. HDFC back is also one of them. To add an extra layer of security, banks provide those PDF files by encrypting them with passwords. 

The password was set by the HDFC banks for the users and the bank security. But sometimes this password encryption problem becomes a reason for irritation of users. 

For accessing the information from PDF files, users will need to enter a password every time they open the file. 

For getting out of this scenario, users prefer removing the password from PDF HDFC Bank Statement.

What is pdf?

As we know PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” and this is a universal file type that is supported by different applications and devices. This file is convenient to use and easily sharable because of its lighter size. 

How secure are PDF passwords?

The question which usually comes to users’ minds is: How secure is PDF? And most of the users also search for how to secure pdf from editing, so questions are raised in users’ minds.

In this modern time mostly every user is aware of the PDF file format. For sharing data from one to another person without losing information, PDF files are the best source. It easily saves all users data which might be confidential. When a user adds a password to PDF, it becomes more secure and prevents immediate access or unauthorized access from a third person.

How to add password protection in PDF files?

If anyone who does not want to lose their confidential reports or documents from PDF files can easily secure pdf files with password protection by applying these steps.

  1. Open PDF file in Adobe acrobat.
  2. From tools use the Protect option. 
  3. Select the viewing or editing option and enter your desired password.
  4. Click on apply and get easily encrypt the file with a password.

In addition to this, there are several more methods available that users can use to password-protect PDF files. 

How to Remove Password from PDF HDFC Bank Statement?

If anyone wants to access a pdf document without entering the password, they first have to remove encryption from it. In a safe manner, users can do it with the aid of the eSoftTools PDF password remover tool. This is the best tool that can remove passwords from PDF files with simple clicks. 

Note: – Users can remove passwords from PDF files, but for doing this job users must have the password of the PDF file. 

Working on eSoftTools PDF Password Remover

  1. Download, install, and launch the PDF Password remover tool. 
  2. Select the Remove PDF Restrictions option.
  3. Click on select PDF file or Select PDF folder for adding PDF files.
  4. Add PDF files and choose a saving location to save the resultant PDF. 
  5. Click on Unlock PDF and input your PDF file’s password. 
  6. Lastly, click on OK and Remove Password from PDF HDFC Bank Statement.

Features of eSoftTools PDF password remover

  1. Remove all restrictions from the password
  2. Unlock PDF files in bulk.
  3. Encrypt unprotected files.
  4. Maintain data integrity. 
  5. Save the file to the user’s designated location. 

Demo version

This software offers a free demo version that can help users to understand the software’s working process free of cost. Also, it will help you to remove passwords from PDF HDFC Bank Statements. (But resultant file users will get with watermark) 


I hope this blog helps you to understand How to Remove Passwords from PDF HDFC Bank Statement?”. Users can try the most demanding tool which is the eSoftTools PDF password remover tool and easily unlock their PDF files with ease.

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